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Quote book on Display stand

Display your albums for inspiration rather than keep them hidden on the shelf.  Create this mini album with all of your favorite quotes.  Simply click on the photo above to download a supply list.  Read More →


Ribbon storage

I love ribbon!  I think most crafters do.  What I don’t love is endless searching through various boxes and baskets to find the exact ribbon that I am looking for.  While there are many... 

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Circle Journal

What is a Circle Journal?  A circle journal is a mini album that is passed from one person to another.  When it is completed it goes back to the origninal person . . . thus creating a circle. ... 

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Family Pocket Calendar

Click on the photo to download the instructions for this one-of-a-kind Calendar.  Add photos as the year goes on,  Each month has a hidden pocket (under the photo) with a journal card that pulls... 

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