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Echo Park Winner Announced

Thank you guys so much for the huge response I got from my FB call for help . . . to convince my friend Madison that I really did have some friends lol.  I wanted to announce the winner of the $100... 

My big Announcement

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Backyard Drive In

     Some of my greatest memories of being a young mom are taking my three little ones to Drive-in Date night. If it weren’t for the drive-in I would have NEVER been able to go the movies... 



I’m still alive I PROMISE. I have had so many sweet emails inquring about my health and if I’ve given up crafting . . . are you KIDDING ME?? Summer is always hectic at my house, as I’m... 

Creative uses for Dishware

This month my Studio 5 Challenge was to find some creative uses for dishware. I love using dishes in my decor’ so the hardest part of this challenge was coming up with something new that I haven’t... 

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