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Journaling Tips & printable journaling cards

One of the biggests complaints I hear about scrapbooking is “I hate Journaling”.  Journaling can be the most tricky part of your layout but it is also the most important.  The challenge can stem from hating your handwriting, uncertainty as to where to place it on your page, or perhaps not knowing what to write about.  Click on the photo to download a tip sheet with 50 various ideas to inspire your journaling.

journaling tips pic for new website

Click on the photo below to download a set of free journaling cards to get you started.

journal cards pic for new site

{Here are just a few of my favorite Journaling Products}



  1. Lúcia Schmitt Says:

    Your journaling cards are wonderful! Can´t wait to use them!
    Thank you a lot!!

  2. Nadine Says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. JulieBee Says:

    I really appreciate these journal cards and ideas. Thank you.

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